Planted by Leah Kostamo
When I sat down to read the manuscript that became this book, I intended to read for twenty minutes and then go back to working on my own manuscript. Adrenalin had been building since I got out of bed. I was itching to continue. But there was to be no other work that day. Five hours later I turned the last page with a sense that I was participating in the remarkable story of people who ventured into seriously caring for creation in a highly unusual way – establishing an Environmental Center for the care of creation, God’s creation... This is a book full of good stories told by a good storyteller. Instead of making a pitch or sermon or propagandistic tract on creation care, Leah has woven everything into a narrative, a story with characters and movement and relationship, and Jesus. Hers is an inviting witness to firsthand immersion in this creation that is 'never spent.'



A book by Leah Kostamo with a foreword by Eugene Peterson


"Grace, beauty, humor, and truth-telling combine in Leah Kostamo s story of the growth of A Rocha, a grassroots organization in which she and her husband Markku have been world-changers for good. This is a fascinating narrative in which committed environmentalists respond to God's call to renew our planet and our souls."

- Luci Shaw, author of The Crime of Living Cautiously: Hearing God s Call to Adventure
"Planted is one of the most captivating and inspiring books I have read in a long time. It offers rich and intimate glimpses into what sacrificial care for all God's creation can look like in the lives of ordinary Christians. Surely God desires for this to become part of our story as well."

- Ben Lowe, activist and author of Green Revolution: Coming Together to Care for Creation
"Leah Kostamo's elegant memoir shares the story of A Rocha, an organization that lives out the principles of Christian stewardship and community. With humility, grace, and candor, Leah takes her readers along the creation-care journey, sharing how many small acts can and do make a difference. Most inspiring of all, Leah and her husband, Markku, provide a living example of being the change they wish to see in the world."

- Matthew and Nancy Sleeth, co-founders of Blessed Earth
"The righteous person, says the psalmist, is like a tree planted by the waters. In this delightful book Leah Kostamo describes what it feels like to be (sometimes reluctantly) one of those trees, planted by the waters of God s good creation. With humor, irony, wisdom, and a refreshingly iconoclastic voice, Planted blooms and flourishes with fruit every thoughtful Christian needs to enjoy."

- Loren Wilkinson, Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College


Planted is not a “how to” book, but a “how so” book in which the reader is invited to travel with Leah Kostamo on the wild ride of salmon saving, stranger welcoming and God worshiping as she and her husband Markku help establish the first Christian environmental center in Canada.

Avoiding simplistic prescriptions or cliché platitudes, Leah wrestles with issues of poverty, justice, and the environment through the narrative of her own life experience. The lived-theology, abundant humor and humility of voice conveyed in these pages draw readers to new and creative ways to honor the Creator as they are inspired to care for creation.

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